The benefits include:

Lowering heart rate
Reducing blood pressure
Elevating the mood
Easing depression
Improving relaxation
Reducing physical pain
Easing emotional pain
Reducing aggression and anxiety
Improving social behaviour
Increasing social cohesion

The programme is designed to: 

Enhance memory recall
Promote increased socialisation
Leave participants with a heightened sense of well-being

Animals have been used for therapy since the late 18th Century and research has shown that stress reduction can occur after as little as five minutes of interaction with an animal. When brought into an environment where people are limited physically and mentally, animal assisted activity delivers both therapy and entertainment.

Pet Pals Therapy are specialists in providing animal therapy to the elderly and adults with learning disabilities. A Pet Pals Therapy session provides service users with a low energy, relaxation based activity programme. Visiting once a month, Pet Pals Therapy provides an hour session using a different type of animal for each visit. This ensures participants benefit from both visual stimulation as well as tactile interaction sessions.